“Finding sustainable employment for clients is not just about putting clients into jobs but also about changing mindsets”.

– Raj Doshi, MD (5E Ltd)

The government’s ambitious £5 billion back to work programme began this month. It is the largest and the most challenging government funded welfare to work programme which is based on payment by results‖ after 26 weeks of sustained job.

5E is delivering for 2 Primes – Ingeus and Maximus in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. It will require utmost dedication and perseverance in convincing clients to develop skills and qualifications to help them find sustainable jobs. It’s also a financial risk for the company as our major payments come only after the client has been in employment for a long period of time (sometimes two years).

According to the latest figures released by the ONS, there are almost four million workless households across the UK. All these people need our help. Finding sustainable employment for clients is not just about putting clients into jobs but also about changing mind-sets. We need to convince clients that work pays and only then will most clients be willing to break free of the barriers that make them dependent on the benefit cycle and get them into employment through encouragement and by providing support and guidance on an ongoing process.

Team 5E is ready to face this challenging programme after having a superlative track record of delivering quality services. 5E has been instrumental in securing jobs and work placements for hundreds of clients every year. I am confident our team of specialist advisers, tutors and trainers would help the people gain the necessary skills and qualifications that are required to be successful in the job market and be aware of the changing trends in the labour market. And our liaisons with local businesses will give people that much needed opportunity to find sustainable jobs. I understand that the task ahead is not easy and new programmes require new skills and training for the staff.

Chancellor George Osborne in the budget mentioned that the UK was falling behind other developed countries in terms of having a skilled and flexible workforce; something he said could potentially undermine future economic growth.  However at 5E, we have one of the most diverse, experienced and skilled workforce and believe in their development through identifying training needs.

Every year, we organise several training programmes, some in-house and some external, to give our staff the necessary qualifications and skills that are important for their continuous professional development.  Even in these challenging times, we are committed to provide a high quality service to the economically disadvantaged in our community and endeavour to create a better society.

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