Many students rule out apprenticeships over going to university, often because they believe apprenticeships do not offer high level qualifications and can’t lead to any opportunities, but below we have looked at some of the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship over university.


You can still get a degree

You can complete a degree through an apprenticeship, with the added benefit of also getting on the job experience which will put you years ahead of other graduates.



No student debt

With university costing at least £9,000 per year, you finish your degree with heavy student debt to pay.  However, by completing an equivalent apprenticeship you are able to pursue the same career and you will be ahead of other graduates by on the job experience with no student debt on your head.



Gain experience and understanding of how businesses and team work 

By completing an apprenticeship you are learning how industries, workplaces and teams work, you are also able to build a network with colleagues early on so by the time you graduate you know more about the industry than if you attended university only. And often times apprentices are hired by their company full time, taking out the need of looking for a job after finishing your qualification.



Earn while you learn

One of the biggest selling points of an apprenticeship to a lot of students is the ability earn while you learn.  Being able to learn and develop workplace skills while studying will give you a massive advantage against other students looking for a first job after graduating. You may also feel more comfortable in the workplace and with your colleagues.




Foot in the door

After completing your apprenticeship you will often be offered a role within the company.  Unlike university grads, there is no panic to apply for tones of graduate jobs and hope you get something.  Instead you can sit comfortably in a job full of colleagues you know through completing your apprenticeship. You will also have an edge over uni grads because you will have years more experience giving you a huge head start and advantage.

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