This list is only a guideline and is not definitive. The roles will vary depending on key factors such as the individual, company, industry and team. It is not uncommon for one individual to undertake all three roles in some businesses; other companies will have multiple people working on each level of support.


1st Line Support

1st line support is generally Helpdesk – This includes job titles such as Helpdesk Operator, First Line Support, IT Call Desk

This role will mostly consist of answering call and email queries from clients and helping them resolve any hardware and software issues.  Any more complex issues may be passed onto second line support for further assistance.  As first line support you will be required to keep a high standard of customer service throughout your time assisting clients.


2nd Line Support

2nd line support usually have more knowledge with tackling issues than 1st line support. 2nd line support include job titles such as Desktop Support, IT Technician, Desktop Support Analyst and PC Engineer.

2nd line support often includes onsite support and helping clients face to face however, this is not always the case. A lot of 2nd line support includes working remotely like 1st line support only you have more knowledge so you are able to solve more issues than 1st line support.

In general 2nd line support is a mixture of minor issues to that 1st line support was unable to solve to more complex issues that require onsite assistance.


3rd Line Support

3rd line support are usually specialist individuals or team that deal with onsite contact. 3rd line support job titles vary depending on what you specialise in, a few examples include Network Specialist, Server Specialist and Third Line Support Engineer.

3rd line support usually deal with a small percentage of issues as they are usually the most severe. These specialists often have higher qualifications such as Microsoft Certified and Cisco accredited course.  If you ever have personnel in 3rd line support deal with your issue you know that your problem is not an easy fix.


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