As Autumn onsets and the trees start to shed their leaves, 5E begins to add new projects to its bouquet of services for the new autumn term.

Even with unemployment crossing 2.5 million and economic recovery looking bleak, we at 5E begin this term on a positive note.

Experts argue that small wins matter in achieving huge goals. Looking at something as a very serious problem in fact makes it harder to solve. So we have decided not to look at today‘s economic crisis as a huge problem but tackle it bit by bit through our small solutions.

We have successfully managed to open up many more jobs and placements opportunities for our clients. More and more companies are coming on board and many clients are walking away with job offers.

We have added new courses this September: Hospitality Level 2 and Retail Works Level 2, along with Health & Social Care that have high demand with employers.

Remember, it will be all our small individual wins that will one day lead to greater collective victories.

– MD, Raj Doshi

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