“We understand that cuts need to be made, but we only hope that the  disadvantaged and the vulnerable are spared.”

– Raj Doshi, MD (5E Ltd)

On February 25, hundreds of pro-testers from Haringey Alliance for Public Services demonstrated outside Haringey Civic Centre as council leaders voted on a cuts package.  The protestors fear that such cuts could see the loss of jobs and many of its local services. Senior citizens and pensioners from local day  centres and youngsters from education institutions and youth clubs stood shoulder to shoulder in their opposition to the cuts.

Haringey councillors approved £84m cuts from a total budget of £273m over the next three years. The council biggest cuts – worth £46m – would take place in 2011-12.  Services for young people and elderly people will be scaled back, and less money will be spent on libraries and leisure centres.  More than 1,000 jobs will be lost, from a total of 4,500 staff, as a result of the spending cuts. Many more jobs will be lost by businesses and services that indirectly face the axe due to spending cuts.  “We understand that cuts need to be made, but we only hope that the disadvantaged and the vulnerable are spared,” said Raj Doshi, Managing Director, 5E Ltd.  Some staff members from 5E also joined the rally to represent clients who would lose many of these services and the job loss that would occur to businesses in the council.   “Our clients need training and develop-ment to be able to compete in the job market. These cuts could be detrimental to their growth,”   said Salim Ahmed, Operational Manager, 5E Ltd.

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