Tutors and their learners went on a day out to witness the Olympic Torch relay in Enfield/Haringey. It was a great opportunity for both tutors and learners to socially celebrate multiple communities coming together to support Britain’s athletes for the Olympics 2012 in a cohesive and enjoyable manner.

Holding the Olympic torch in my hands, was a very proud moment for me and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was very excited to watch the Olympic relay in Wood Green as it made its way to Alexander Palace. I went with my family and close friends and we had a great time. This picture will always make me remember the London Olympics fondly, after all its not everyday one gets to hold the Olympic torch!– Girish Luchman, Employment Adviser, ICDI
My students were very enthusiastic to watch the torch relay when it came to Haringey/Enfield. So I took them near Southgate and we waited for the torch. The streets were lined with locals cheering for the torch bearers and as the torch passed us, the students were thrilled. Some of them bought British flags and waved while others clapped and cheered on. We were all very excited to be part of the London Olympics.– Pamela Patten, Tutor, 5E Ltd
I have been watching the Olympics all my life on the television but this year it unfolded right before by eyes. It was amazing watching the events live – the enthusiasm increased manifolds and the adrenalin rush was incredible. I watched men’s basketball at the Olympic park in the beautiful Basketball arena next to the Olympic stadium which is gorgeous. I loved walking around the park, capturing through my camera lens the excitement of London Olympics and I must add it was SUPER!– Tito Mir, Administrator, 5E Ltd

Crowds cheer as soldier Jack Otter who lost his legs in Afghanistan carries the torch

5E’s Literacy Level 1 learners and their tutor Pamela Patten wait for the flame on Haringey’s streets

Sue Sowerby who runs walkthewalk to raise funds for breast cancer, walked the Olympic Torch relay leg in Enfield

5E’s ESOL learner cheers on the torchbearers by waving his flag as they pass him by

Coca Cola that sponsored the Olympics gives the spectators a chance to grab free coke drink bottles

Volunteers of the London Olympics wave at the crowd as the bus follows the Olympic torchbearers

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