ESOL Entry 3 class from Watkins House went on a day trip to Parkside farm in Enfield in July. Away from the hustle and the bustle of the city life, students enjoyed learning about how a farm works and how vegetables and fruits are grown.

In fact, they all got an opportunity to look up close and personal at the farm life and even pick some berries and vegetables like courgette and spinach.

“Even though it was raining that morning, the students were very keen to visit the farm, a place that none of them had ever visited before,” said Lisa Thomas their tutor.
Alo Ghosh says, “I was very excited to see a place so serene and beautiful. It looked like a completely different world and it was not too far from college.”

Fatima and Ansari each picked a basket full of strawberries. ―I ate so many strawberries. They were so delicious,” says Fatima.

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