Learners of ESOL Entry 2 at Edmonton Green centre celebrated Easter with a game of treasure hunt in class where the tutor Reuben created several clues that led them to find Easter eggs.

During the Easter week, our teacher Reuben decided to teach us what Easter and Good Friday are all about. Our teacher said that its important for us to know because everyone in England celebrates Easter.

After explaining to us about Easter, our teacher decided to test our knowledge through a treasure hunt. He gave us questions and asked us to find Easter eggs cleverly hidden at the Edmonton Green centre.

We formed teams of three and began our quest to find the eggs. Some teams found one egg and some found two. It wasn’t easy but we tried our best.

We really enjoyed ourselves and also learned something new. Now we know the meaning of Easter and Good Friday. Thank you teacher for explaining it to us. The treasure hunt was a lot of fun.

– Derya Ulger

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