As part of the ‘Celebrating Success’ event at Watkins House, local businesses attended the event to speak about their experiences with 5E learners, their progression within the company and their overall impression with the quality of learners finding employment within their respective companies and organisations. Among these were Cash Converters, Sports Direct, JD Wetherspoons and Matalan.

Stewart Grant, Training & Recruitment Manager at Cash Converters believes James Harman and 5E Ltd were instrumental in helping him fill his recruitment needs as the companies they used before only let them down.“Our biggest problem was that we advertised jobs but people did not turn up for interviews and also the stigma attached to Cash Converters did not help. James however took care of all our needs. He told the potential applications about our company, basically sold Cash Converters to them and the applicants who came to us were not just prepared but also excited to work with us,” says Stuart who added that 5E did a very good job getting people back to work. Many of those employed at Cash Converters were so dedicated to their work that they did not want to take a day off.Andre Walton, a 5E client who now works at Cash Converters says, “ These two (James & Stuart) are absolutely brilliant.”
Peter Luwero, Store Manager of Sports Direct in Enfield interviewed Ebrahim Hassan on James request and never regretted it. “Ebrahim was working at JD sports for Christmas and then got reduced hours but he was keen to work more and kept calling me 7-8 times everyday to find him a full time job,” says James Harman.Peter hired him for the Haringey store and impressed with his work moved him to the Holloway store. “But when I was transferred to the Enfield store, it was in complete shambles and there was only one man I could actually ask to come and help and that was Ebrahim. He has been a fantastic member of the Sports Direct team,” says Peter.

“I am very grateful to James and 5E for finding me an employment that I truly love. I was worried with recession looming large it would be an impossible task. Also thank you Peter for giving me the opportunity to grow and excel at my work,” says a well content Ebrahim.

Shaun Bailey, manager at JD Wetherspoons (left) and James Harman, 5E’s Business Development Executive with Nikolas Pavlou, a News Deal client as he gets his certifi-cate of merit for securing employment. Shaun is very pleased with Nikolas’s performance and is happy to work with James to find the best match from 5E’s client pool for his vacancies at the pub
Tina Angus, Manager at Matalan in Brimsdown (centre) thanks Meral Ahmet, 5E’s Business Devel-opment Executive (left) for helping with recruitment at Mata-lan. Linvin Higgins, a dedicated work programme client at 5E found employment at Matalan. Angus is keen to work with Meral to source 5E clients for future vacancies
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