Before the interview…
1. Find out all you can about the company and the job:
What do they do?
Who are their competitors?
What does the job involve?
What skills you have that would be of
interest to the company?
2. Keep a copy of your CV and re-read it before the interview.
3. Think about and prepare for the questions that you may be asked.
4. Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer.

On the day…
1. First impressions count. Dress appropriately to feel confident and comfortable.
2. Make sure you know where you are going, and allow yourself plenty of time to get there.
3. Get a feel for the company while you are waiting to be interviewed. (Read any literature available)
4. Remember the interview starts from the moment you arrive on the company premises
– the receptionist/secretary may be asked what she thought of you.

At the interview…
1. A firm, brief handshake if offered. Avoid sweaty palms and a contest of strength!
2. Sit up straight and look at the interviewer, speak clearly and don’t fidget.
3. Be yourself – the interviewer wants to find out about you!
4. Take a copy of your CV along and use it as a memory jogger.
5. Be friendly, polite and enthusiastic!
6. Make sure you get all the points about your skills and what you can offer the company, across in the interview.
7. Show interest and be positive. Never offer negative information about yourself.
8. Establish a two-way communication process. Tag relevant questions on the end of answers to obtain a good conversational flow. Avoid yes/no answers.
9. Think before you speak! Momentarily pause before replying to give a well thought answer.
10. Watch for signals that the interview is coming to an end.
11. Check the time schedule and what the next stage is and thank the interviewer for an enjoyable interview and find out when you are likely to hear from them.

After the interview…
If you are offered the job…
Ask yourself: are you genuinely excited with the offer.
1. If ‘yes’–keenly accept–verbally; await the written offer and reply within a few days.
2. If ‘no’ – explain to the interviewer why you feel you cannot accept it.

If you are not offered the job…
Review your performance objectively with yourself.
1. What interested the interviewer?
2. How could you improve your presentation next time?
3. Did you get all points across?
4. Did you interrupt the interviewer at all, or fail to complete any questions?
5. Were you positive, aggressive, tense, too laid back, too talkative or reserved?

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