Raj Doshi talks about the inspiration behind 5E Ltd and its interesting relationship with the 5 Olympic rings that make up this year’s most exciting event in the coming months – The London 2012 Olympics – a historic event that will see many of our learners getting involved in employment, voluntary work and opportunities to join with other communities as proud and integrated members of our diverse society.

“This is indeed an exciting time for London and Londoners. The Olympics and Paralympics have brought with it a sense of pride and sportsmanship among not just those who are a part of it but everyone in this country. It has also opened up more opportunities for employment, businesses and growth.

Many of our clients are working for the London Olympics in security, housekeeping, driving and others. Many more have volunteered to be a part of this historical moment and others have taken part in activities and events associated with the Olympics.
What we salute is the spirit of sportsmanship – the hard work and perseverance put in by all the Olympians and this is what we hope our clients will imbibe. But every Olympian needs an excellent team to provide support. Our tutors and trainers along with employment advisers and business development team work extremely hard to create opportunities for clients to succeed.

Just like the five rings of the Olympics represent the five continents bound together in mutual love and respect for sports, the five ā€˜Eā€™s in our name – 5E combine employment, education, enterprise, equality and empowerment to give our clients the extra motivation to sprint the last mile and reach their destination.”

– MD, Raj Doshi

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