April was a month of festivities first with the long Easter weekend and then with the famous Royal Wedding weekend. 5E’S Literacy Level 1 class decided to take a trip to central London on Thursday 28 April, to see how the city was preparing for the royal pomp and banter the next day.

“It was an exciting time. Everyone was coming to London from all over the world and we saw on TV that city was abuzz with activity. So it was good that our teacher Graham decided to take us to Central London to give them a taste of the royal wedding fever,” said Fariya Malik from Pakistan. “We used the tube for transport. I barely travel in the tube and found it very exciting and educating,” said Vidyawty Boodhun from Sri Lanka.

First stop was the Tate Modern, an art gallery where the student saw lots of paintings and sculptures of contemporary art. “I only liked one – underwater lilies and the rest I thought were just paint thrown everywhere. Our teacher Graham explained some of them to us,” said Malinka Stoilva from Bulgaria, who was amazed at their exorbitant price tags. Shahyar Shakibanian agrees, “An Hong Kong based artist made something like sunflower seeds from ceramic and there were thousands of them so it took him 30 years to do it. I think he is crazy but that’s what they say is modern art.”

But another student Marta Kowalczyk loved the gallery so much that she revisited the Tate Modern the following week to see the different artworks in detail. “I enjoyed the photographs from Ukraine and also the works of Andy Warhol,” says Marta, from Poland.

Next stop was London Bridge, a perfect spot for many photo opportunities. At one o’clock the students had lunch together on the banks of the river. They then walked to Buckingham Palace

For Gholam Ali & Shahyar Shakibanian from Iran, it was their first visit to Buckingham Palace. “The Palace is beautiful. I wish I could go inside and see it all,” said Gholam. “We saw some celebrities too like an Australian comedian that the press was interviewing. It was exciting,” said Shahyar.

Fariya particularly enjoyed meeting a ‘headless’ man at London Bridge was ecstatic with the crowd at Buckingham Palace. “Thousands of people were already outside the palace gates because of the Royal Wedding the next day. It was a beautiful day and we all had a good time. Congratulations William & Kate!,” said Fariya.

Girls just wanna have some fun…

Resting at the Tate Modern…

Enjoying a picnic lunch…

On the banks of the River Thames

The ‘headless’ man

Andy Warhol room at the Tate


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