Celebrating success of 5E clients and learners across London centres – Haringey, Enfield and Barnet

Clients played musical instruments as part of an exceptional show of music Clients walk the ramp in their national costumes

The yearly event returned with another opportunity to celebrate the success of learners and their achievements at 5E Ltd Selby Centre. The occasion included a series of performances by different learner classes including role play relating to learning and using English in real life, to musical performances and dance.

Learners had the opportunity of collecting their certificates while their peers and staff members cheered with enthusiasm and pride. Speeches were made by invited honorary guests including MP Andy Love, MP David Lammy, MP Matthew Offord as well as the Managing Director, Raj Doshi.

5E stands for five ‘E’s which I think are very important. First E is for education and that’s what 5E is doing here. Then Equality, yes, we do face discrimination when looking for work sometimes. We have to stand up and fight.Next is Enterprise. Yes we are an enterprising community, always trying to find a nook and cranny to get through so that we can improve our prospects. Empower-ment, 5E does empower you to find employment.I take my hats off to you all. I stand by you. I look at your faces and I think about my own family. I am very proud to be here.– David Lammy, MP Tottenham
I am very impressed by you all here. If there is one thing that is incredibly important because of the difficulties that the economy is suffering at the moment, it is being properly, adequately and comprehensively trained to do jobs. I want to congratulate 5E for fantastic job they do. They are the main provider of training in London and have the experience and expertise of dealing with issues related to deprived communities.But most importantly, it is all about ‘After Care’ that 5E provides. They ensure that the people can take the training they receive and put it into practise in a real job that they have sustained.– Andy Love, MP Edmonton
I was determined to be here today because I very much value the work 5E does. I believe the most important ‘E’ among the five ‘Es’ that make up 5E is empowerment.And that’s what I think you do to people here. Employment is greatly important but that with knowledge and confidence you can get a job and for me that’s the most important aspect. I am very grateful for what you do here.– Matthew Offord, MP Hendon
5E was an accident some 18 years ago when I was working in the voluntary sector and the women wanted to study a bit of IT. We used to work from a garage and a small grant of £6000. We very quickly went on to help unemployed and those that lack basic language skills.We have a million young people and if we are not careful we will lose a generation and the social evils that follow it. So lets prepare the generation that has missed out in education, skills and confidence to get jobs.– Raj Doshi, Managing Director, 5E Ltd
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