An event to celebrate 5E getting the Beacon Status was held on October 16, 2009 at Selby Centre. Attended by around 250 people the event had representatives from Jobcentre Plus, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Learning and Skills Council (LSC), Enfield council, London Development Agency (LDA).

Also present were local councillors, 5E staff and learners. The guest of honour was Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green. Successful learners from across the seven centres of 5E Ltd were given certificates by the gathered dignitaries. These learners had overcome several barriers on their path to success and were elated to get their certificates at the ceremony.

Sahel Sanatnam, who completed the Employability Skills Programme (ESP) at Merit House, was one of the learners who received their certificates. “I am very thrilled to receive my certificate in front of so many people. It feels great and I will never forget this day,” said Sanatam. She was accompanied by her mother who was proud of her daughter’s achievement.

“It is really wonderful to see such a crowd and interact with fellow learners from different centres. 5E has given me hope and the desire to study further. My confidence has improved and I will soon enrol for higher studies,” said Sanatam.

For Eremir Pjetri, an ESOL student at Watkins House the ceremony was a dream come true. Pjetri has never been to a school and was moved after getting a certificate at the ceremony. He received certificates for clearing ESOL entry 1 and Adult Numeracy entry 3 courses.

“5E was my first exposure to a proper classroom where I improved my English listening and reading abilities. The constant encouragement and motivation I received from my teachers helped me to pass my CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) exam which is important to get a job in the construction industry,” said Pjetri, who believe his job prospects have now increased tremendously.

Speakers dwelt on the ‘good work’ done by 5E in helping the government reach out to the disadvantaged group of the society. In fact one of the speakers went ahead and suggested that 5E should add two more Es to their name: to stand for excellence and extraordinary!

Listening to the views of the speakers, 5E came out like a grand chandelier; spreading light and brightness in all its glory and grace through the several programmes it runs. The huge presence of local residents and learners mirrored the prestige and the esteem in which 5E is looked upon.

5E’s efforts to help the marginalised and the disadvantaged were well articulated by Raj Doshi, Director, 5E Ltd. Thanking the 5E board members, staff, well-wishers and funders for the constant support and encouragement, Doshi made it clear that he will continue to reach out to the disadvantaged.

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“We look after 10,000 clients or customers and are one of the largest employers in Haringey council. I thank the board and chairperson for giving me a free hand to run 5E and my staff for their wonderful support,” said Raj Doshi.

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green in her speech commended the brilliant track record of 5E. “The work Raj Doshi and his committed, energetic and enthusiastic team do and their brilliant track record of achievement with 5E having been awarded Grade 1 (outstanding provision) three times by Ofsted is vital.”

The award ceremony was followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch enjoyed by everybody in 5E’s traditional style of friendliness and openness.

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