About 5E Ltd

Our five “E’s” illustrate and define our passion and commitment to improving the lives of those willing to transform their lives for a better future:


Via a range of accredited and non-accredited qualifications in a wealth of different subject and sector areas including IT, Business & Admin, Management, Health and Social Care, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Retail, English and more…Benefit from a range of learning methods, from classroom tutor-led training, to online learning resources and anytime course material through e-learning.


We believe that opportunities for success are available to all regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief, caste or background and our diverse staff team is a shining example of this with a team of 200 spanning 45 community languages across 80 countries in the world! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES POLICY


Our specialist advisors support you with individual training-needs-analysis and tailored learning plans to ensure you are on the right track, benefitting from the latest job search tools and support to increase your confidence and ability during the application process… Click here for information on our Job Search facilities


We know that true success and achievement is about giving you the tools, advice and resources to grow, both socially and within the work environment. Our motivation and confidence building workshops are one of many examples of short courses that can inspire you to make proactive changes to improve.


We understand that some individuals aspire to run their own business or project and our job search advisors provide you with the right connections and industry knowledge that will help you achieve your personal success as an entrepreneur.

5E Education & Training

Creating a brighter future through training and learning

About 5E Ltd – Operating across 7 training centres in North and East London, 5E Ltd has been providing training, information, advice and guidance to the local communities since 1998. We are proud to offer high-quality accredited basic skills, IT and vocational training, work-based learning and skills support for unemployed individuals and other wider communities in London. We aim to improve access to high quality education and employment through training, enterprise and employment programmes and promise to provide a high quality, relevant service tailored to meet the needs of all our customers, including even the most disadvantaged members of the community back into positive working lifestyles and employment including BAME, refugees, lone parents, young people, non-native speakers, ex-offenders, learners with family and social difficulties. 5E Ltd education programmes range from non-accredited and accredited lower Entry Level courses to Level 5 advanced courses to support programmes including Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Work Programme etc. All of our learners have access to our career guidance support including job search facilities, short courses, workshops and job brokerage service to help you with mock interviews, work trials and live up-to-date vacancies.

5E Education & Training

Our Accreditations

5E Ltd is extremely proud of its many quality marks and accreditations that highlight our success as an organisation, both with partners and learners alike. We are an Ofsted 'Good' Rated organisation and in 2009, we were awarded the Beacon Status Award by LSIS as public recognition for the excellence and innovation of our work within the further education system, as well as the accolade of gaining three consecutive 'Outstanding' Grade 1 Ofsted inspection results from 2003 onward.

We have been awarded the Investors in People GOLD Award for the third time in a row, highlighting our positive and productive workforce in line with our positive efforts to change people's lives in our daily activities. As an Apprenticeship provider in London, we are pleased to have become an Apprenticeship Ambassador London Provider. Our commitment to the environment has seen us consistently receive the Greenmark Quality Mark as we minimise wastage of energy to protect our planet.

Our advanced digital IT tech hub has seen us grow as a training provider of high level digital IT qualifications, greatly sought-after in today's workplace with several IT academies from reputed globally recognised vendors and Microsoft Gold Partner status. We are also a Pearson VUE and Certiport Authorised Test Centre for vendor qualifications, enabling learners to start and complete their IT learning journeys from our expert lab environment.

Our Committment to the Environment

5E Ltd recognises that all its activities have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

The Organisation’s Operating Plan includes an explicit vision to promote environmentally sustainable ways of working and living and to act in a sustainable and environmentally-enhancing way. Its core values include:

  • Promoting sustainable development through active engagement with the beneficiaries on our programmes
  • Reducing the organisations carbon footprint on the environment

To achieve this, a comprehensive environmental policy has been published. This has been developed to:

  • Stimulate change in student and staff attitudes towards sustainability
  • Document practical measures the organisation will take to contribute to environmental sustainability
  • Display the positive impact we are having on the local environment

The environmental policy is supported by a formal Action Plan which is reviewed and updated on an annual basis by the organisation’s Environmental Officer.

Environmental performance targets and objectives were set in July 2013 and these are reviewed on an annual basis.

Accompanying policies -  Purchasing Policy & Green IT Policy

Annual progress reports on the organisation’s quantitative and qualitative targets and objectives are presented to the Senior Management in July each year.

Green Mark Good Behaviour is Good Business
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Working with Us

Celebrating diversity and equality of opportunity:

dedicated teachers

different languages

countries of origin

Operating Values and Principles

In working with 5E Ltd, we work on set of operational standards that govern the way we manage our business while we work towards achieving our mission. Converting our ideologies into action means:

  • providing quality service to our stake holders – customers, employees and partners surplus
  • reinvest to accomplish far-reaching goals

The above ideologies underline our ambitions and these principles underpin our ambitions and shape our relationships with our stakeholders and the communities within which we operate.

Our values are embedded in the heart of the organisation. They steer our functional ideologies and our goals, and they are the vital ingredient of our professional approach. These values, which we share with the other members of the 5E family, are:

  • Cultural/competence and respect for individuals and communities
  • excellent performance
  • social responsibility and fairness
  • honesty and reliability