Tito Mir, an employee at 5E Ltd, shares his photographic talent with on a recent trip to India. He explains the images taken in his own words below:

Picture 1. Going deeper into East Bengal, I stumbled across a small non descript village Sagar Deghi. What caught my attention was the glimmer of excitement in the eyes of these poor young boys and their little sister. They enthusiastically showed me their village and let me capture this picture.

Picture 2. During my travels in India, I came across this river bank near the famous Farakka barrage on the Ganges river bordering Bangladesh and India was the epitome of the 1965 war between the two countries. Now it’s a quiet fishing village.

Picture 3. Posing with my camera in this ship graveyard, once the biggest and widest river passage that has now narrowed down to only let small boats pass by. The bigger ones here are left to rot.

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