toysrusrecruitment“We are actively working with a number of employers like Toys R Us across London and advertise vacancies on their behalf at all our centres. We then begin the process of screening candidates. This is done by advisers who select the most suitably skilled candidate from their database and interview him for the role.

My role as a trainer is to provide all participants with a series of pre-employment training sessions tailored to meet the employers’ requirement. These are professionally designed interactive workshops intended to prepare participants to work for respective companies and gain knowledge and information on their working environments. All training sessions are interactive and informative.

Different pedagogies and learning/assessing methods are used to deliver and assess candidates’ abilities to adapt to the working environment and ethics of the company. All participants are required to go through these intensive training programmes and in-house assessments before the interview.

Customers benefit from such practical preparations for job application and interviews. Throughout their journey candidates are assessed based on their participation and performance in the classroom discussions and activities. Our main aim is to enable customers to identify the requirements of the current job market in terms of understanding their own role and responsibilities at work.

Post training candidates feel confident and comfortable to attend the actual interview. They stand out among their fellow competitors and indeed gain a high self esteem as they progress towards their goal.”

– Amin Lakhani, Trainer, 5E Ltd

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