5E Ltd was proud to be part of the IP Expo Enterprise IT Event 2015 where the latest IT technologies, interfaces, software and knowledge was showcased, taught and shared across many IT enthusiasts in a bid to spread and drive innovation across the IT sector. Staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which will help build upon 5E’s existing infrastructure and planning for future programmes especially for young people and Apprenticeships.

IP EXPO is the number 1 IT event in Europe, designed to shape business growth and innovation by utilising the latest IT innovations. This year was the 10th anniversary, with completely new exclusive content such as three new events (Data Analytics Europe, DevOps Europe and Unified Communications Europe) which were added to the existing Cloud and Infrastructure, Data Centre and Cyber Security sections. Our staff and students benefitted from senior IT practitioner insights showcasing the latest IT developments. It was a comprehensive business-enhancing experience for our developers, network engineers, data analysts and IT managers.

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