In the modern world everything around at a rate that can be difficult to keep up with, making it difficult to know just what it is that companies are most looking for in their employees. Here’s a list quick to make it easier for you:



Of all the trends, one thing is clear: Tech is here to stay. Year after year tech – related jobs continue to dominate the lists of the most promising careers, as shown by a multiple case studies and surveys. Already the majority of jobs require basic tech-literacy, with more jobs requiring a high proficiency in the use of software as more industries move to cloud based systems. These type of skills that can be gained through courses such as those provided by 5E, such as ECDL which covers the basics of the Microsoft Office Suite such as Word and Excel.


A pro-active attitude

Despite the rise in demand for hard skills, employers still need to know what kind of person you are, and an employer is much more likely to hire a person with a positive attitude and who is always looking to improve. Engaging in courses while searching for employment, or even while working to improve your skill-set really shows excellent character traits like drive and determination that make you stick out from the crowd and more attractive to employers. There’s also the added bonus that by pushing your boundaries you may come across the perfect career for you.


Clean Presentation

Look smart, play smart! But this doesn’t just mean your appearance. On average an employer only spends 5-7 seconds reading your CV, so getting across the right information is essential; a clean and organised CV makes it easier for you to show-off all your skills, and they are much preferred by employers because it saves them so much time. With the help of 5E’s CV writing course, we will help to take yours to the next level.


Job-hunting skills

There are some skills that are timeless: leadership, communication, collaboration and teamwork were considered to be of great importance to 57% of 2000 employers asked about traits they look for in potential employees. Using our soft skills training, you can improve these traits to help you impress in the interview.



One thing employers need to see is a desire to improve and this is best done through clear educational progression. With 5E’s leveled courses, not only is it easy to immediately go from one stage to the next; it is also clear on your CV for your potential employers to see. Always be learning. Your willingness to learn new things will go a long way with impressing employers looking to stretch roles during labour shortages. Push yourself to learn a new skill outside your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

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