Accountants and bookkeepers are always going to be needed, no matter how well or poorly the economy is doing. Governments, businesses and non- profit organisations and some individuals will always need bookkeepers, accountants to manage their budgets, taxes, balance the book, manage accounts and generate financial reports are just some of an accountants responsibilities.


In demand

No matter what the situation accountants are needed to give the best chance of finding financial success, with managing current accounts and planning future budgets. Without the help of an accountant it would be very easy to lose track of finance within the company which could lead to legal issues such as fraud and tax evasion,  or irreparably damage the company’s finances putting it’s future at risk. Accountants are vital to any business in any industry and will always be a career in demand which is just one of the reasons accounting is a great career path to choose.


Your work matters

There is a lot resting on accountant’s shoulders. Accountants are usually part of most if not all major decisions meaning they have a lot of control over what happens with how the company operates. As an accountant your job will consist of recording, reporting, analysing and planning financial data. You will help work towards creating and planning which strategies will be best for the company.



Not only are accountants always in demand they are also able to have very dependable careers. Those working in accounting can enjoy stability in their employment with the benefits of regular hours and a salary that increases over time. You will also have benefits depending on the company and industry.


You’re an expert

Accountants are trusted by the company. People look to them for advice and for counsel in financial matters.  Accountants have plenty of learning and training so they know what they are doing. They have the knowledge and experience needed to see the bigger picture and make sense of the finances. Accountants are expected to have a big part in making major decisions that would benefit or hurt the business and the people working there.

Work in any industry 

Every industry requires accountants which gives you the opportunity to work across any sector you want, anything from investment, start ups, majot corporations, charities, Government, media, technology, music and much more.  You have the opportunity to work across some amazing industries.

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