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5 ways you can use LinkedIn to benefit your job searching.

LinkedIn was created to be a social network for professionals and it is used successfully most of the time to share information about companies, industry news and any issues in certain sectors. Another great use for LinkedIn is being able to massively benefit jobseekers. Being able to search and find jobs through LinkedIn is definitely a skill worth knowing as it is incredibly useful. Below we have listed 5 ways you can use LinkedIn to benefit your job searching.

Job section

LinkedIn has a specific section that helps users search for jobs. As an employer you are able to post vacancies through LinkedIn for fellow LinkedIn users to see and apply if the role is right for them.  The job search tab is very easy to use and is a great way to find jobs in an industry and area that suits you. The search works through keywords and a series of different questions to link you to roles you may be interested in.

Complete your profile

It is important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date, the more complete your LinkedIn profile is the more accurate the job vacancies being linked to you will be. Remember your profile can also be viewed by recruiters so it helps for you profile to be rich with content and up to date especially when it comes to previous job experience and education as this will most likely be the points most important to them.

Get connected

Connections on LinkedIn are the equivalent to friends on Facebook or followers on twitter. Don’t be afraid to connect with people that LinkedIn suggests to you, if you believe they could be beneficial to you connect with them. Having lots of connections on LinkedIn also makes you look very active and connected which will help when recruiters/ employers view your profile.

Share updates

Make sure you are keeping your connections up to date with what you ae doing for example any events, voluntary work, networking activities etc. By doing this it shows employers that you’re being active, creative, committed and driven.

Send out messages

Now you have all these new connection on your profile why not make the most of them? You can message them outright asking if they know of any job openings, information about their organisation or arrange a work placement. Make sure you are clear about why you are contacting them and what you are asking.

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