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There is a growing demand for IT specialist within businesses. With the market becoming more digital and cloud based there is a need for IT professionals to make sure everything is functioning so that the business can run. Jobs such as data-basing, network maintenance, coding and security are all important in todays modern business environment.

Cyber-attacks are growing exponentially every year more and more businesses are hiring cyber security experts, to try and prevent themselves from becoming a victim. Due to the large demand there is a shortage of mid to high level experts.


You can work in tech without needing an IT degree

You can start your career in IT without needing the tech degree; more and more employers are hiring people from any degree based background.  This is because they recognise the benefit of filling their business with people trained to think in different ways, and the business can still train them up in necessary tech skills once hired.


You can work in any industry

Due to every industry now having a digital aspect they all need IT professionals. This gives you the opportunity to work across any sector you want, anything from banking, retail, charities, government, media, technology, music and much more, anything from a small start up to an international enterprise. You have the opportunity to work across some amazing industries; the only thing that may change is the roles within IT.


IT salaries are generous

Graduate IT roles pay well compared to other areas. Digital salaries are 44% higher than the national average, according to Tech Nation’s 2017 report. If your employer has a graduate scheme you could be looking at a salary of around £25k-£30k a year. Salary increases nicely with some progression too; the median salary for a software developer is £45k a year according to IT Jobs Watch where investment banking technology roles have a median of £70k.


Perks & Work/life balance

There are usually some pretty good perks in IT roles especially in larger organisations,  from working remotely to travelling opportunities. If you’re looking more towards something with a good work/life balance this is the industry for you. A report of the top 20 jobs for work/life balance* included several IT ones, with software developer in first place.


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