World Skills 2016 – NESCOT Heats 30th June 2016

Yesterday 5E Ltd attended the NESCOT Heats in South London as part of the World Skills 2016 competition. Dr. Neil Bentley, Chief Executive of World Skills UK was also present and met learners and staff members. In addition, 5E Ltd led an important seminar...

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SITS Exhibition 2016 8th June 2016

This year’s SITS exhibition event was held yesterday and 5E Ltd was excited to be present along with many other institutions and IT-related organisations to find out more about new technologies within the IT service desk area including services for...

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Promoting the World Skills 2016 Competition

Gearing up for World Skills 2016, our students took part in some photographic material to promote the competition and their involvement representing 5E Ltd. Our learners are taking part in three separate categories. The 1st category (Network System Administration)...

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Celebrating Learner Success 2015 – Selby Centre

The second of our events celebrating learner success took place yesterday at Selby Centre with flying colours and music! In attendance was the Mayor of Haringey, Councillor Jennifer Mann and Councillor Stephen Mann, DWP Staff (Peter Ryan, Kastur Hirani, Kam Dalal),...

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Celebrating Learner Success 2015 – Hyde House

5E Ltd began the first of a series of events celebrating the success of its learners at Hyde House yesterday with an excellent backdrop creatively designed by our students. Learners received awards in the presence of the Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Mark Shooter and...

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