Information, Advice and Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance for Employed or Unemployed Adults and those seeking information regarding further training, development and progression pathways

The Guidance Centre provides up-to-date career Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to all individuals seeking assistance with accessing information and support regarding a range of academic and vocational skills, training and skills development courses combined with career information and potential progression pathways.  The Guidance Centre is an approved Matrix Standard and works closely with a range of organisations to deliver partnership programmes and provide signposted referrals for individuals.  The organisations we work with include local colleges, employers, third sector organisations and specialist organisations and provisions.

What will I gain?

At The Guidance Centre, you can expect to be provided with the following according to your individual needs and requirements:

  • One-to-one discussion of your situation and individual needs
  • Career advice and progression pathways according to your career aspirations and opportunities within key London employment sectors
  • Assistance with job search using our free facilities: phone, fax, internet and IAG resources
  • Advice on where to go next: to outside providers or one of our projects or courses
  • One-off or regular help with writing your CV or filling out application forms

On-going and dependent upon individual client needs. You can drop in to the Guidance Centre as many times as you need to for Information, Advice and Guidance.

Am I eligible?

If you are 20+ and eligible to work in the UK, then you are eligible for assistance from The Guidance Centre.

How do I enrol?

Drop in to the Guidance Centre, T13, Selby Centre (get directions) or call 020 8365 9933

Additional Support

All clients on 5E projects will receive Job Search & Soft Skills training and development