Unsure about employing an Apprentice or need further information? See the list of FAQs below:

How can I employ an Apprentice?

If you would like to employ an Apprentice, you can contact us on 0208 352 5050 and we can post your vacancy online via the NAS (National Apprenticeship Service) Apprenticeships Vacancies Online service. We can then assist in screening potential applicants for the purposes of both the job position and suitability for the training provider and arrange interviews with employers for the vacancies available.

I have an employee who wants to become an Apprentice. How should I proceed?

Your current employees can have their skillset improved and expanded with our Apprenticeships Programme. They will benefit from theoretical knowledge combined with working environment skills as well as english, maths and ICT skills. Current employees can be booked in for an appointment with one of our 5E advisors on 0208 352 5050.

Are there age-related limits for Apprenticeships?

Apprentices need to be aged 16 or above in order to undertake an Apprenticeship. Those aged 19 and above will require employer contribution but those aged between 16 and 18 will have a completely funded programme.

How long does an Apprenticeship Programme last with 5E?

Currently our Apprenticeship programmes are 12 months in duration. These 12 months cover the competence qualification, the knowledge qualification (if applicable), functional skills qualifications and ERR (employment rights and responsibilities).

I have more questions? Can I call you directly?

Yes, if you didn’t find your answer in these FAQs, you can call us on 0208 352 5050 and speak to one of our 5E advisors to find out more information or email us on apprenticeships@fivee.co.uk