Literacy Level 2

Research shows that if you have good literacy and numeracy skills, you could earn £50,000 more during your working life than someone with poor skills. So if you’ve worked hard to improve your word skills, why not prove it to your employer with a nationally recognised Literacy Level 2 qualification that will really make your CV stand out?

To get a Certificate in Adult Literacy, you’ll need to sit a short test. By exploring what you can expect in the test, this course helps you to practise your literacy skills and to build your confidence before taking the test itself.

The Literacy Level 2 course is divided into two parts: “How To Do The Test” and “Practice”. “How To Do The Test” looks in detail at the types of test questions you’ll face, shows you how to complete them and explains what help there is if you get stuck.

The “Practice” section gives you the chance to have a go at some actual questions. You’ll be able to work through past tests so that, by the time you’ve finished the course, you’ll be ready and well prepared for the Literacy Level 2 test itself.


Approximately 24 weeks working at your own pace