Our Commitment to the Environment

5E Ltd recognises that all its activities have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

The Organisation’s Operating Plan includes an explicit vision to promote environmentally sustainable ways of working and living and to act in a sustainable and environmentally-enhancing way. Its core values include:

  • Promoting sustainable development through active engagement with the beneficiaries on our programmes
  • Reducing the organisations carbon footprint on the environment

To achieve this, a comprehensive environmental policy has been published. This has been developed to:

  • Stimulate change in student and staff attitudes towards sustainability
  • Document practical measures the organisation will take to contribute to environmental sustainability
  • Display the positive impact we are having on the local environment

The environmental policy is supported by a formal Action Plan which is reviewed and updated on an annual basis by the organisation’s Environmental Officer.

Environmental performance targets and objectives were set in July 2013 and these are reviewed on an annual basis.

Accompanying policies –  Purchasing Policy & Green IT Policy

Annual progress reports on the organisation’s quantitative and qualitative targets and objectives are presented to the Senior Management in July each year.


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